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I always thought having a thing for Anderson Cooper was a standard function of straight women and gay/bi men everywhere.
What's your username on twitter
My twitter name is @ThankSarcasm. =] If you follow me, I'll follow back, I always do.
I think everyone realises Anderson Cooper is a silver fox.

Please explain the Nietzsche tweet - I'm woefully underread in philosophy...
One of Nietzche's philosophical theories is Nihilism which is also called existential nihilism which argues that life is without objective meaning, purpose, or intrinsic value.
It goes on to say that everything is nonexistent. I did a few papers on him in high school and early years at the university.
Neitzsche's connexion with nihilism I knew about, but that he took it quite that far, I had no idea...
It wasn't Neitzsche who developed it too far, it was the people who grew from his conclusions most like people do nowadays.
The curse of having intellectual heirs, I suppose...